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The staff at HSTB donned sunglasses to wish the pair a safe, happy return to their home in California.

UPDATE: Tessie and Lauren were reunited at our shelter on Saturday, May 28.

We’re wrapping up Chip Your Pet Month with a reunion story that spans the continent!

Eleven years ago, a 7th grade girl living in California saved up all her money from chores to adopt the dog of her dreams. Lauren and Tessie were inseparable for the next decade, a decade in which Lauren worked to have the money needed to care for Tessie. At the point when Lauren entered college, Tessie needed surgery on her knee so Lauren worked out a payment plan with her veterinarian (that included her cleaning kennels for several months) to pay for the procedure. All was well until circumstances beyond her control forced Lauren to move into a housing facility that did not allow pets. Fortunately, a trusted friend was willing to take Tessie in and Lauren was still able to visit with her.

Things began to unravel when the family caring for Tessie moved to Florida. It broke Lauren’s heart that she would not get to see her best friend anymore, but she believed she would be better off in a stable home. Imagine her shock when she received a call from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center (HCPRC) saying that Tessie had been found wandering alone on a Tampa highway and a microchip scan showed Lauren was still the registered owner.

Lauren was frantic and emails and calls to the family caring for Tessie went unanswered. In desperation she contacted a local animal welfare group in California to see if there was any way they could help her get to Tampa to reclaim Tessie. She was now living in a home that allowed pets and she felt that it was fate for Tessie to come home. The Animal Welfare group contacted the ASPCA and the ASPCA contacted Sherry Silk at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. We immediately made arrangements to get Tessie from HCPRC and called Lauren to let her know that she was safe with us until she could get to Tampa.

At 11 years of age, Tessie is full of life and the staff and volunteers at HSTB have all fallen in love with her. When we told her that her momma was flying across the country to bring her home, she got so excited that she broke into a big smile (see photo below). We are thrilled that she will get to be reunited with her beloved human and that the two will spend the rest of their days together.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay transfers animals from Florida shelters on a weekly basis with the vast majority coming from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. Our partnerships with local municipal shelters are very important to us and a crucial tool to saving more lives.

On Monday, May 23, 2016, we transferred 14 dogs and five cats to our shelter from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center (first 11 photos) and on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 we transferred 12 dogs to our shelter from Manatee Animal Services (last 4 photos).

AnnabelleAnnabelle is a young American Staffordshire Terrier mix who was found nursing her eleven babies along a roadside. We took the abandoned family in and gave them a safe place to rest, heal, and grow. It was obvious from the first moment she crossed our doorstep that Annabelle was a wonderful mother. She was very attentive to her pups, took wonderful care of their needs, and showed a loving spirit towards the staff and volunteers who help care for them. Once her babies were ready to be weaned, they went into a foster home to gain a bit more weight. They’ll be up for adoption within the next week.

Now, it’s Annabelle’s turn to find a loving forever home where she can receive the nurturing she has so freely given.

Media contact: 813-785-6922

OUR HEARTS ARE BREAKING! This baby girl, about six months old, was left tied to our hedges on the busy corner of Leroy and Howard at approximately 3:00pm on May 19! She is the second one in just a few days and the twine used to tie them up is the same, as are the signs proclaiming “FREE”. Please help us spread the word about the IMPORTANCE OF SPAYING AND NEUTERING PETS so that you don’t end up with puppies like this who you can’t care for. We offer low-cost spay/neuter at our animal hospital and $10 county vouchers are available for those who qualify. IMG_3487

The animals in our community rely on the generous support of individuals and businesses to give them the care they need. Without our community, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay would not be able to save as many animals as we do (7,000+ each year).

We acknowledge that every gift of every amount is significant and we are so very grateful to those who give of themselves to make our little corner of the world a better place for animals.

In order to demonstrate how effectively donations are being used, we will update this blog on a regular basis with photos and stories of animals who come to us with illness or injury that requires extra medical care.

UPDATE June 2, 2016: BIG NEWS! Friday, June 3, is going to be a big day for our Genie. Her custom wheels are in and she is going to be ADOPTED! Genie’s new Mom is what we like to call a “Foster Failure”- after fostering Genie since the middle of May she has fallen and love and is making her an official part of the family! Genie’s wheel fitting and adoption will take place at 9:00am on Friday, June 3, at the shelter (3607 N. Armenia Avenue. Media is invited to attend. Media contact: 813-785-6922. On site media contact for June 3: Pam Backer

genieswheels1 genieswheels2

UPDATE May 16, 2016: Great News! We’ve found a wonderful foster home for Genie while she waits for her new wheels to come in. We are very happy that she’ll be able to get out of the shelter and into a quieter environment where she’ll get even more focused attention. Her foster family will follow strict protocol concerning her medications and use of the temporary wheels. When her new ones come in, she’ll come back for her fitting then be ready to go home.


UPDATE May 15, 2016: Due to the wonderful media coverage and support form the community, We have received some very promising adoption applications for Genie. We will be choosing the best match for her early next week (May 16-20) and will post updates when she goes to her forever home.


UPDATE May 11, 2016: Genie got to try a temporary set of wheels today. We’ve ordered her a custom pair and they will be here in a couple of weeks. Until then, she’ll get to zoom around in these and enjoy life like a normal pup again! She took to them very well and enjoyed all the attention she got from friends and well-wishers.


UPDATE May 10, 2016: On Monday, May 9, Genie was taken to a board-certified veterinary surgeon for an evaluation and testing to determine the next step in her care. The in-depth evaluation confirmed our own conclusion that Genie has a herniated disc in her lumbar spine that is causing her paralysis. There is evidence that this injury is several weeks old. With injuries such as this, it is imperative to seek medical and/or surgical treatment within 24-48 hours. Since weeks have already passed and bone calcification has set in, the prognosis for a successful surgery to try and repair the herniated disk, and the prognosis for a full recovery with regained use of her legs are both extremely poor. Currently, she is very happy, not in pain, and has adapted to her paralysis. Because of this, it is the surgeon’s recommendation that we continue with her current plan of treatment and find her a home with someone who is willing to adopt a special needs dog.

Therefore, after carefully considering the recommendations of this specialist along with our own medical expertise and observation, we have decided not to proceed with surgery and put Genie through any more pain. We will continue with her medical management and have ordered a set of customized wheels to help her get around and lead a quality life. We firmly believe that there is a special family out there who will embrace Genie and give her the wonderful life she deserves. Until that family is found, she will remain safe in our care.

If you are interested in adopting Genie, please contact our Adoption Manager at 813-876-7138. We expect her to be ready to go to a loving home within 7 to 10 days from now.

UPDATE May 9, 2016:Today Genie will be seen by a specialist where she will receive a mylegram (similar to an MRI). We hope that will tell us what kind of spinal injury (if any) she has suffered. This evaluation, in addition to other tests over the coming week, will help us determine if and when she needs surgery. The very generous donations we have received on Genie’s behalf are being used to cover the cost of her specialized care including food, shelter, X-rays, medications, physical therapy, mylegram, and appointment with a specialist. Surgery, and any other treatments deemed necessary, will also be covered by these donations. Please stay tuned for updates on her progress and possible date for surgery. Many, many thanks for all the support and good will that has been shown to Genie.

Currently, we do not know the identity of Genie’s owners as she was left at our facility after hours. Should they come forward we will happily work with them to do whatever is best for Genie.

Genie update 5/7/16UPDATE May 7, 2016: After being on medication for nearly a week there has not been any noticeable improvement in Genie’s condition. She has an appointment with a specialist on Monday, May 9, and will receive a mylegram (similar to an MRI) that will give us more insight into a possible spinal injury. We will update everyone on the findings as well as the resulting course of treatment and thank you all for your continued support for Genie. She is a very brave girl.

13124485_10153581479951728_6851493326724552131_nWhen a staff member arrived at the shelter early yesterday morning he found a dog who had been left on our doorstep, in a crate, with nothing but a note that broke his heart.

“Please help my Genie. Genie (her name) is paralyzed from I believe her hips to her hind legs. I tried to manage her pain with medication from her vet but they only ease her pain and she needs surgery. I cannot afford so I ask that the Animal Health Center heal her and find her a loving forever home. Thank you.”

We will care for Genie. We will do our best to heal her body and mend her grieving heart. We will give her a second chance and find her a loving home. Will you help us?

Give today, in honor of Genie, and for the thousands of homeless, broken, and abandoned pets who will follow after her. #GiveDayTampaBay #GiveLocal