Protect your pet financially against unexpected vet bills. When you leave with pet insurance in place, you are adopting with confidence and peace of mind for your new family member.  We recommend you purchase pet insurance your on the day of your adoption so that you have immediate coverage in case this pet gets sick or injured.

• 1 in 3 pets will require unexpected medical care this year
• Every 6 seconds, a pet owner receives a bill for at least $1,000
• Fetch by the Dodo pet insurance covers exam fees, diagnostic tests and medications, dental injury and disease, chronic and hereditary conditions
• Customize your plan based on your desired yearly coverage amounts, deductibles and reimbursement percentage
• If you enroll within 24 hours of adoption, there is no waiting period…your coverage would go into effect at midnight
• Average costs: $11-$19 per month for cats and $18-$35 per month for dogs