victor kissGOOD NEWS UPDATE (12/8/14): Victor has been adopted by our very own Director of Medical Operations, Dr. Karla Bard! After his seizure 2 weeks ago, she began fostering him to keep a close eye on his health and progress. Well, she fell in love and so did he, and we can’t blame either one of them! We are so thrilled because this sweet boy who has been through so much has hit the jackpot; he could not possibly be in better hands and continues to gain weight and thrive. Victor joins 2 dogs and a cat in the Bard household and has been renamed “Daryl” after the handsome, kind-hearted, survivor-against-all-odds from The Walking Dead. Quite fitting, don’t you think? We love you Victor/Daryl … always and always.

When a good Samaritan saw a dog curled up by the side of the road in the Quail Meadow area of Plant City, she knew she had to stop. The area is a known dumping ground for abused, neglected and unwanted animals. When she approached the animal she found a severely emaciated but trusting dog who came right up to her. He seemed to know she was there to help and jumped into her car without hesitation. Being unable to keep him but wanting to give him a chance, she fixed him a pancake breakfast to fill up his tummy, then brought him to us.
We named the gently, handsome boy Victor because he is definitely a survivor, and as a nod to our friend Victor Hedman who is helping us promote pit bull awareness through a PSA.
Victor gained 1.5 pounds after just two days with us, but has a long road ahead. He is heartworm positive, has a broken tail and is suffering from several open wounds, multiple abrasions and anemia. We aren’t sure what happened to this boy but we’re going to do our very best to save his life. He will need several weeks of TLC and rehabilitation before being ready for adoption!
Despite all he’s obviously been through, Victor has a sweet, trusting disposition. He will be bunking up in our administrative offices during the day and will get lots of positive reinforcement and kindness. As you can see from the pictures below, he has settled in well and is loving naps in his very own bolster bed.

If anyone has information about who may be responsible for this abuse, please call 813-774-4309. If you’d like to contribute to his care, you can donate here (please indicate “Victor” in the memo/notes section)

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